Coronavirus causes concern – this is how business travel insurances cover

Our business insurance customers are concerned about traveling because of Covid-19. We understand the concern and we are monitoring the situation continuously.

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The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus epidemic as a pandemic. According to The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, travels abroad should be avoided. 

Are you a private insurance customer? Here you find relevant information for our private insurance holders.

Are you a large enterprise customer? Please see our Covid-19 information for large enterprises.

What do business travel insurance and foreign assignment insurance cover?

 The travel insurance and foreign assignment insurance are valid as usual if you get ill or have an accident during your travel. We also compensate for the medical care expenses if you contract Covid-19 on your journey and the cost for a cancellation of a journey if you fall ill with Covid-19 before the trip, which prevents you from travelling.

 We do not compensate for the costs if you wish to cancel or interrupt your journey due to the corona situation. For example, if the transmission rate in the destination country would get worse and you wouldn’t want to travel there because of this. In this case, we kindly ask you to contact your travel agency or transport organizer.

How are business travel cancellations being compensated?

If will compensate for the cancellation of trips for our business insurance customers, on trips from Finland to abroad and domestic travels in Finland, when the trip starts between the 13th of March and 31st of May 2020. The trip must have been booked no later than the 12th of March 2020 and must be canceled between the 13th and 26th of March 2020.

See our table below for specific regions, times, and exceptions.

Travel insurance only covers what is not covered by the tour operator, airline, travel agent, hotel, or service provider. You will be asked to check the cancellation policies of these entities and to seek reimbursement from them before submitting a claims application for If.

If the airline has canceled the flight due to the Coronavirus or for commercial reasons, the entire claim should be sought from the airline, not the insurance company.

How will business travel cancellations be reimbursed?

When the destination is: When time of travel is,
by the latest:
When trip is booked 
by the latest:
When trip should be cancelled:
From Finland to abroad.
Domestic travels in Finland see exceptions below table.
13.3-31.5.2020 12.3.2020 13.3.-26.3.2020
From Finland to Northern Italy destinations:Piemonte, Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna, Aosta Valley, Veneto or Marche.
9.4.2020 9.3.2020 9.3.-23.3.2020
From Finland to China, Hong Kong or Macao
31.3.2020 7.2.2020 the latest by 3.3.2020

In case you depart later than the times specified above, no cancellation or interruption will be refunded. Please follow the information given on our website, where we will inform you of any changes.

In case you have canceled the trip earlier than the dates listed in the table, compensation will not be paid for the trip according to subsequent instructions concerning the rest of the world.

How are business travel interruptions being compensated?

A condition for the reimbursement of the interruption is that the insured's home authorities have urged the person to return to their home country. Returning to Finland from abroad can now be replaced (when Finland is your home).

The costs for interruptions that are compensated for, are those costs considered to be extra, reasonable and necessary travel expenses needed in order to get the insured person back home. Costs for accommodation, travel or other expenses incurred after the interruption are not eligible as interruption costs. These may be caused, for example, by the fact that the person on foreign assignment, when returning to his/her country of origin, has to arrange temporary accommodation for himself/herself. Those expenses are not compensated for. The return trip to the destination is also not reimbursed.

The cover for business travel interruptions is not applied retroactively, meaning you must be on a trip or posting at the time specified below. The cover for evacuation and interruption is not valid for the Coronavirus if you travel to the areas listed below after the travel dates listed in the table.


How are business travel interruptions being reimbursed?

Travel destination Time of travel The destination has to be departed the latest by, in order for interruption to be reimbursed
On travel or foreign posting abroad, other than destinations below.
14.3.2020 28.3.2020
On travel or foreign posting in Northern Italy: Piemonte, Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna, Aosta Valley, Veneto or Marche
9.3.2020 23.3.2020
On travel in China, not on foreign posting
18.2.2020 3.3.2020
On foreign posting in China in the Hubei province
18.2.2020 3.3.2020

Travel interruptions within Finland are not reimbursed (i.e. if the insured is a resident in Finland and is on a domestic business trip and wishes to interrupt the trip and return home immediately).

People on assignment in Finland for their home country may be compensated provided that the home country of this person urges them to return home.

Do you have questions regarding your business travel insurance? Please call us at +358 10 19 16 00.

We are monitoring the advice from the authorities closely and will update the information accordingly.

Updated on September 21st, 2020