Coronavirus causes concern – this is how business travel insurances cover

Our business insurance customers are concerned about traveling because of Covid-19. We understand the concern and we are monitoring the situation continuously.

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The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus epidemic as a pandemic. According to The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, travels abroad should be avoided. 

Are you a private insurance customer? Here you find relevant information for our private insurance holders.

Are you a large enterprise customer? Please see our Covid-19 information for large enterprises.

What does business travel insurance and expatriate insurance cover?

If you get ill with Covid-19

Travel insurance and expatriate insurance are valid as usual if you get ill or have an accident during your travel. Both insurances cover medical expenses if you get infected by Covid 19 during your trip. 

Cancellation of the trip

If you fall ill before the start of the trip and the illness prevents you from going on the trip, you can apply for compensation from your travel insurance. First and foremost you may cancel your trip and apply for a refund from the tour operator or travel agency. Be prepared to provide us with a medical certificate that shows you've been infected by Covid-19.

Trip cancellation is also compensated for if the destination country is subject to a no-travel recommendation from authorities of the insured persons' country of residence. However, the condition for reimbursement is that a travel ban or no-travel recommendation is not in force at the time of booking or while obtaining the insurance.

Coronavirus testing

Travel and expatriate insurance cover coronavirus tests performed by a doctor. This requires however that you have symptoms indicating that you might have been infected and that you have already started your journey of travel, i.e. you get symptoms during travel.

Coronavirus vaccine

Travel insurance does not cover Covid-19 vaccination. Expatriate insurance covers for Covid-19 vaccination, if the insurance policyholder has extended the coverage with a separate additional cover.

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