Business insurance

Business insurances for companies active in Finland. Together we will find the right insurance for your business. Start by asking for an insurance quote and we'll help you insure the most important assets of your business.

  • The right insurance for your industry
  • 9 out of 10 are satisfied with our claims handling
  • Quick handling if something happens

Always the right insurance for your industry

The right business insurance for both small and large companies, self-employed and limited companies in various industries. Contact us and we can help you find a solution that suits your company.

  • The right insurance for your industry

    Get the right business insurance today and secure the future of your business. We will contact you when it is time to review your company's insurance policies.

  • 9 out of 10 in rating

    Our claims handling receives a top rating of 9 out of 10 on average from our customers. We solve claims cases easily and quickly for you - and you can reach us 24/7.

  • Avoid unnecessary paper

    On eFolder you get a complete overview of the company's insurance policies, enabling smooth digital service 24/7.

Minimize risk and protect your business from unexpected costs

For us, company insurance means security for the future. We want to help companies and entrepreneurs reduce risks and help protect them against financial losses.

Whether it's about owning a construction business, running a shop, or working as an IT consultant, our business insurances provide increased security for the whole company, employees, and the individual entrepreneur. We understand that you may not be an expert in business insurance and that is okay. We provide insurance coverage according to your company and industry needs and make sure you are properly insured so you can sleep your nights in peace.

Business insurance for small and large companies

Are you a self-employed entrepreneur or have you just hired your first employee? Perhaps you sit on the board of a larger company? The need for insurance varies depending on what the business looks like. Whatever your business model and industry, the most important thing is that you, your employees, and your business can go on, whatever happens. Business insurance is for that purpose, to protect against the unexpected.

Business insurances

What happens if you are exposed to an accident and become incapacitated to work? If a machine breaks down and can not be used? Or if the company causes damage to a third-party like a customer or client, and receives a compensation claim? Then business insurance is what you need.

The company’s assets, production, and service are at the center, with business insurance enabling all businesses to continue regardless of damage. We help see that your business can continue with the help of business insurance. You need to feel that business insurance protects your company’s resources so you don’t have to worry about sudden costs or business interruptions, enabling your business to continue to grow.

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