Real estate insurance

With a building insurance you protect company-owned or rented buildings, warehouses and premises against water damage, fire, theft, pipe breaks or other breakdowns.

A comprehensive property insurance

The real estate insurance applies to water damage, burglary damage, natural damage, and fire damage, as well as other damages that may affect the property.

Our real estate insurance provides you with comprehensive protection against various types of damages that can affect your warehouse, office, workshop, factory, residential building, or other types of properties.

The insurance includes protection for e.g. damage to heating and ventilation systems and clearing costs in connection with major damage. The insurance also pays costs for damage that has occurred around buildings belonging to the insured property or machine damage to, for example, the lift in buildings. Most commonly, the building is insured either for the agreed amount of insurance or for full value based on the total area. Each building and business premises are insured separately, taking into account its features and the need for insurance cover.

Housing association company's real estate insurance

Residential buildings, such as housing associations, can be insured separately with a real estate insurance fit for residential buildings. Contact us to hear more.

Real estate insurance in Norway
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Thermal imaging in company's premises

Increased fire prevention with thermal imaging

Did you know that as our customer you have the opportunity to get our damage control team to check your company's premises for electrical fire risks? The thermal photography standard developed by If reveals thousands of hidden fire risks every year. These inspections have already prevented fires and is an essential part of our risk managment.

Every third company fire originates from a faulty electrical appliance or due to its incorrect use. Based on the inspections we have carried out, the electrical fire risks of almost every company could be reduced.

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