Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation, also known as occupational accident insurance, is a mandatory insurance for companies, providing coverage for employees in case of accidents that occur during work and work-related commutes, as well as for occupational diseases caused by work.

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Workers' Compensation Insurance for Employees

Workers' Compensation Insurance is a compulsory insurance that employers must take out for their employees. It covers work-related accidents, commuting accidents, and occupational diseases. The insurance is mandatory when annual wages for all employees in total exceed €1,500 (2024).

Who is covered?

  • Employees in employment and public-service employment relationships
  • Individuals in managerial positions receiving remuneration (non-entrepreneurs)
  • Individuals working in Finland, regardless of age

Covers, among other things:

  • Medical treatment costs
  • Compensation for loss of earnings
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disability allowance for permanent disability
  • Funeral assistance

If Spot On workers' compensation insurance

If ‘Spot On’ is a carefree, transparently priced workers' compensation insurance. With it, employees receive prompt medical care, and there are no unexpected costs for the company. We are also here to support you in improving workplace safety.

Insurance Coverage

In Case of Occupational Accident or Disease

Ensure the continuity of your business with statutory accident insurance.

An occupational accident is often an unexpected and sudden event caused by external factors, resulting in an employee's injury.

An occupational accident can happen at the workplace or on its premises, during the commute to or from work, or during work-related trips and errands.

With Workers' Compensation, you provide security for your employees in the event of both occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

An occupational disease refers to an illness primarily caused by physical, chemical, or biological factors present in the workplace. Typical factors causing occupational diseases include noise, vibrations, dust, chemicals, or gases.

In case of death

The Employees’ Group Life Assurance is an insurance policy taken out by the employer for their employees. It is based on labor agreements and is taken out alongside the Workers' Compensation Insurance.

When is Workers’ Compensation Insurance mandatory?

Questions and Answers about Workers' Compensation

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