Travel insurance

If Travel insurance is convenient and comprehensive. You can enjoy Finland’s best claims services and 24/7 assistance.

In order to buy a travel insurance, call our customer service.

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  • Your deductible is EUR 0

    We reimburse medical expenses for illnesses and accidents occurring during travel without an upper limit.

  • Fair compensation for cancelled journeys

    We will compensate up to EUR 5,000 worth of travel expenses if you fall ill before your journey.

  • Children included

    The insurance also covers your children and grandchildren under 20, who are traveling with you.

Travel insurance brings peace of mind when travelling around the world and domestically

Our comprehensive travel insurance can help you even in difficult situations, whether you fall ill just before or during your trip or even if you lose your luggage.

If travel insurance can also be extended to cover domestic trips when you choose our continuous travel insurance. It may be cheaper to insure an individual trip abroad with a fixed-term travel insurance policy.

Temporary and continuous travel insurances

A continuous travel insurance is the best and cheapest choice for you if you travel abroad multiple times a year, make one long journey or travel to a long-haul destination.

A temporary travel insurance, or fixed-term insurance, is usually cheaper when you travel abroad only once a year and do not travel domestically. Insurance is always purchased for one trip at a time, and the price is affected by the destination and the duration of the trip.

Temporary travel insurance has no age restrictions, which means that people aged 80 or over can also get one.

When you travel often or for a longer period

Continuous travel insurance is the most convenient and affordable solution for travelling abroad or domestically at least twice a year. It leaves you with more time to concentrate on planning your travel instead of having to think about insurance, since you do not have to notify us about your trips.

The insurance is valid on journeys lasting up to 45 days. If necessary, you can also buy cover for additional days and extend the scope of your insurance to also cover costs of treating illnesses and accidents happening during domestic travel.

Our customer service can help you calculate the price of continuous travel insurance. 

The insurance is available to cover passengers and luggage

Traveller’s insurance covers doctor's appointments and trip cancellations, and, if you wish, you can extend your travel insurance to cover baggage and domestic travel as well.

What expenses are covered? Continuous Fixed-term

Medical appointments if you fall ill or get injured during your trip

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Ambulance flights to Finland in case of emergency

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If on-call service 24 h will help you e.g. in case of illness

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Treatment of sports injuries, also downhill skiing and diving are covered

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Travel insurance for children or grandchildren are included in the price

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Journeys abroad - in case of cancellation or interruption we will compensate flights, accommodation and activities paid in advance

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Domestic travel - if your trip is cancelled or interrupted, we will compensate e.g. train or flight tickets, hotel nights and concert tickets

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Optional additional covers Continuous Fixed-term

Luggage insurance
If your luggage is not included in your home insurance, you should get additional travel insurance coverage to cover theft and breakage. If your luggage is delayed, you will receive essential supplies at your destination. The additional coverage also includes legal expenses and liability insurance for the trip.

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Costs of treating illnesses and accidents occurring during domestic trips
You and your family can get treatment without having to queue at a private medical centre in a foreign locality. For example, for a person in their thirties, the extension of treatment cost coverage to domestic travel may cost less than 20 euros per year. In any case, the cancellation cover for domestic trips is included in the continuous travel insurance.

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What to do if I get ill or injured while travelling?

In an emergency, call the local emergency number.

We can assist you if you are not in acute danger. See instructions and contact details for claims.

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