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If Travel insurance is convenient and comprehensive. You can enjoy Finland’s best claims services and 24/7 assistance.

  • Compensation for treatment expenses without an upper limit or deductibles

    If you fall ill or get injured during a travel, the costs can amount to tens of thousands of euros.

  • We will compensate the price of your flight if you fall ill before your journey

    Did someone fall ill at the last minute or has a crisis developed at the destination? We will compensate up to EUR 5,000 worth of travel expenses if your journey is cancelled.

  • Transport to Finland in case of serious illness

    We will compensate for patient transfer expenses from abroad to Finland if you fall seriously ill or get seriously injured.

What expenses are covered? Traveller and luggage Traveller
Illness or injury abroad

There is no deductible or upper limit for compensation for expenses related to travel illness or injury. Covered treatment expenses include doctor's fees and medication, examination, treatment, patient transfer and travel expenses, for example.

The most common travel illnesses and injuries include:

  • stomach flu,
  • wounds,
  • sunstroke,
  • sunburn and
  • sprains.

Illness that has started before travel: If you have an illness that has started before your trip, your insurance will cover up to a week of necessary acute treatment in your travel destination if your illness suddenly gets worse during your trip.

Illness or injury during domestic travel

Your travel insurance is also valid in Finland on leisure journeys exceeding 150 kilometres including an overnight stay. Expenses related to travel illness are covered without deductible or an upper limit.

What constitutes domestic travel?

Domestic travel refers to journeys to outside your normal daily environment. The travel insurance covers trips to destinations other than you or your spouse’s permanent or leisure-time place of residence or place of work or study.

*Can be added as additional cover to a continuous travel insurance policy.


Sports injuries (e.g. downhill skiing or diving)

Travel insurance cover for activities! Your insurance policy is valid in during sports activities (e.g. downhill skiing, cycling, running, surfing) and covers medical expenses, such as examinations, treatment and medication, arising from accidents occurred during such activities. The insurance is also valid when participating in the following high-risk sports:

  • diving (trial dive or basic diving course, e.g. open water diver course)
  • climbing or glacier trekking (guided session lasting no more than 4 hours)
  • bungee jumping, hot-air ballooning, tandem parachuting, tandem hang-gliding or tandem parachute gliding.

Please note, that if you already take part in the above mentioned or other high-risk sports, your travel insurance only covers them for an additional fee. If you participate in a competition or race in any sport during your travel (e.g. a marathon or a football match) you will also need additional cover. You can get additional cover by calling our Insurance Services (+358 10 19 19 23, Mon–Fri from 9am to 5pm).

Cancellation of a journey

What is compensated?
We will compensate for expenses from cancellation of a journey (unused flight tickets and hotel nights) if your journey is cancelled due to a reason such as illness or changes in your destination’s security level. The maximum compensation for expenses per journey and one insured person is EUR 5,000.

What are the grounds for compensation?
Journey cancellation costs are compensated if the journey cannot be taken for one of the following reasons:

  • you fall ill before the journey;
  • a close relative has a serious accident, suddenly falls ill or dies; or
  • a natural catastrophe, armed conflict, terrorism or an epidemic occurs in the destination.


Journey cancellation cover is valid if there is at least 3 days between the purchase of the insurance and the start of the journey. This means that you should not postpone getting your insurance but purchase it well in advance.

Interruption of a journey or lateness for a journey

What is compensated?
We will compensate for additional expenses from interruption of a journey or lateness for a journey, such as expenses from compensable flights. We will also compensate EUR 80 for each day of travel lost due to illness or other compelling reason.

What are the grounds for compensation?

Expenses arising from the interruption of a journey are compensated if they are based on a physician’s order or are due to a serious accident, sudden serious illness or the death of the insured or his or her next of kin. We will also compensate for expenses when a journey is interrupted due to an armed conflict, terrorism, a natural disaster or an epidemic in the travel destination or if you are involved in a traffic accident.

Expenses from being late from a journey are compensated if you are late due to a reason such as the bus transporting you to the airport breaking down on the way to the airport, weather conditions preventing you from getting to the airport or if you have a traffic accident with your car which causes you to be late for your flight.

24h on-call service and video consultation with a physician

You can always contact us in an emergency. We will provide advice in cases of loss, damage or injury, direct you to a contract hospital or doctor, take care of payment commitments and assist you in travelling home.

By downloading the free HelpMe application onto your smartphone you will also have access to a video consultation with a physician. HelpMe offers free assistance and advice if you get ill or injured while travelling. You can download the app from AppStore (Apple) or Google Play (Android).

Children and grandchildren under the age of 20 who are travelling with their parents or grandparents

Children or grandchildren under the age of 20 who are travelling with their parents or grandparents are covered under Traveller's Cover without additional charge. The children's details do not have to be separately reported. If a child travels alone or with someone other than his or her parents or grandparents, the child needs his or her own travel insurance.

Travel insurance covers the luggage of all persons who live permanently in the same household.

Transportation to Finland

In the event of serious illness, we will compensate for patient transfer to Finland and expenses of a necessary accompanying person.

In the event of death, we will compensate the repatriation of the deceased.

Expenses in a crisis situation

What is compensated?
In the event of a serious crisis situation in the travel destination, we will compensate additional travel expenses and up to five visits to psychotherapy prescribed by a physician.

What are the grounds for compensation?
If a natural catastrophe, armed conflict or terrorism occurs in the destination while you are there, or you are involved in a traffic accident, you will receive necessary emotional support in the form of psychotherapy. In the above situations, we will also compensate for additional travel expenses if an early return from the destination is necessary.

There is a terrorist attack at the destination. The return flight is one week away but the security situation in the area has deteriorated. We will compensate expenses from a new replacing flight that leaves the next day. We will also compensate necessary visits to psychotherapy prescribed by a physician.

Luggage loss, damage or theft

We will compensate sudden and unforeseen loss or damage to luggage, breakdowns and theft. The deductible for loss of or damage to luggage is only EUR 100 per loss event. Your travel insurance covers the luggage of all travellers who live in your household.

Examples of covered losses:

  • Your camera falls into water from a boat.
  • You sit on your sunglasses.
  • A pickpocket steals your mobile phone.
  • A thief takes your bag (compensation is paid for the bag and its contents).

We will compensate up to EUR 100 worth of cash per loss event (e.g. stolen bag). Cash will be compensated whether it was in your pocket or a hotel safety deposit box during the loss event.

Delay of luggage

If your luggage arrives at your destination more than 6 hours late, you may buy up to EUR 80 worth of necessities per day without a deductible. The total upper limit is EUR 320 per traveller, which means you will be fine even if your luggage arrives several days late.
Necessities are not defined in advance. Instead, they are assessed case-by-case. Necessities refers to items that are necessary for your stay at your travel destination. If your travel has a specific purpose, such as a wedding, the insurance may also cover necessary items related to it.

The following are examples of necessities:

  • Ordinary change of clothes
  • Toothbrush and other hygiene products
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Rental suit, if you are attending a wedding
Legal proceedings and liability

We will cover property damage or bodily injury caused during travel to a third party by you or a person living in your household up to EUR 170,000. The deductible is EUR 100.

We will compensate for legal expenses of disputes and criminal cases in travel-related matters involving you as a private person up to EUR 8,500. The insured persons also include any persons living permanently in your household. The deductible for legal expenses cover is 20% of the costs and at least EUR 170.

Benefits of getting your travel insurance from If

When you take If Travel insurance with you on your journey, you can enjoy with a peace of mind. Here are five great reasons for getting your travel insurance from If:

  1. Medical expenses without an upper limit. 
    If’s travel insurance covers your medical expenses when you travel and the deductible is zero euros. This means that you do not have to pay any of the covered treatment expenses.
  2. Physician’s invoices sent directly to If.
    If you show your travel insurance certificate or card when consulting a physician, the health clinic will send the invoice directly to If. You can even download your travel insurance card onto your mobile phone.
  3. Coverage for cancellation of your journey.
    We will compensate up to EUR 5,000 worth of flight and hotel expenses paid in advance if your journey is cancelled due to unexpected illness.
  4. Travel insurance for your child without additional cost.
    When you take out a travel insurance from If, it automatically also covers your children or grandchildren who are under the age of 20 and travelling with you. Your travel insurance covers the luggage of all travellers who live in your household.
  5. Travel insurance for the whole family from our online service.
    You can now go online (in Finnish) to get all the insurances you need at one go and can include all of them under a single invoice.

If also provides Finland’s best claims services and 24/7 assistance in case of illness or injury during travel.

Temporary or continuous travel insurance?

The best travel insurance is not necessarily the cheapest. When choosing your travel insurance, you should take into account how often you travel, what the insurance covers and how much assistance you will receive.

A temporary insurance covers a single journey, while a continuous travel insurance could be better suited for you if you travel multiple times per year. 

You should also consider whether your child needs his or her own travel insurance or if your insurance also covers your child.

Continuous travel insurance - when you travel often or for a longer period

A continuous travel insurance is the best and cheapest choice for you if you travel abroad at least twice per year, make one long journey or travel to a long-haul destination.

  • Continuous travel insurance is valid on journeys lasting up to 45 days. If necessary, you can also buy cover for additional days.
  • You can extend the scope of your insurance to also cover domestic travel.
  • You do not have to worry about insurance matters when planning your journey. This leaves you with more time to concentrate on planning your travel instead of having to think about insurance. You do not have to separately notify us about your travel.

The price of the continuous travel insurance is annual. Our customer service can help you calculate the price of continuous travel insurance. 

Single-trip travel insurance - when you travel abroad only once a year

The single-trip, or temporary, travel insurance is the cheapest travel insurance for you if you travel abroad only once per year. The single-trip insurance is perfect for people of all ages.

You should get the insurance at least three days before you travel. This way we will compensate for your flight ticket if you have to cancel your trip due to illness. The due date of your insurance invoice may be after your trip but your insurance is still valid during the trip.

Your travel destination and the duration of your trip affect the price of the temporary insurance. The insurance is always purchased for a single trip. Our customer service can help you calculate the price of continuous travel insurance.

What to do if I get ill or injured while travelling? 

In an emergency, call the local emergency number.

We can assist you if you are not in acute danger. See instructions and contact details for claims service.

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