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Why our customers choose us

Why insure your car with If?

  • Adjust your premium by choosing a suitable deductible for your Full Casco insurance

    With If's Full Casco insurance, you can influence your insurance premium by adjusting your deductible. The higher the deductible, the lower the cost of the insurance. We recommend a deductible of 500 euros for If’s Full Casco insurance.

    Please note that the deductible you select applies only to collision cover. For other car insurance covers, the deductible is usually only 200 euros. In addition, towing and windscreen repair are possible without a deductible when you use If’s towing and repair service partners.

  • With us, you can pay your premium in up to 12 instalments without extra costs

    You can pay your insurance bill in 1, 2, 4 or 12 instalments. We recommend paying in 12 instalments as it is the fastest and easiest way to keep your payments up to date. You can choose your preferred billing cycle in our online store or change the billing cycle to monthly instalments later in your My Pages. 

  • Separate bonus for Full Casco

    When you insure your car with Full Casco in addition to motor third party liability insurance, you receive a separate bonus for your casco insurance. The starting bonus for new Full Casco policies at If is always 80%, even if you have a history of insurance claims in your previous insurance company.

    In practice, this means that you get a 80% discount on the most valuable part of Full Casco, the collision cover. 

  • 24/7 on-call service and advice

    All our car insurance policies come standard with our free advisory service, which is available 24/7 every day of the year. You can get in touch not only in case there is an accident, but also if your car will not start or an unfamiliar indicator lights up on the dashboard. We will check your insurance coverage and instruct you on how to proceed.

    Our towing and roadside assistance service can resolve even the most difficult situations at any hour. Our skilled towing partners will take your car to a reliable workshop and we will take care of the towing invoice and damage report on your behalf.

Which car insurance is right for me?

Car insurance should be suitable for your needs. That’s why we’ve designed our car insurance to give you the flexibility to pay based on your driving habits, and you can customise the insurance to suit your current situation. Without forgetting our multi-policy discounts.

Compare the price of Full Casco and the more affordable Semi Casco – with or without additional covers. Casco insurance is also a worthwhile option for an older car, as you can get the insurance at a surprisingly affordable price.

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What is included in car insurance?

Car insurance needs to be tailored to your specific needs. Motor third party liability insurance is mandatory for all vehicles used in traffic, while casco insurance is a voluntary insurance that supplements the mandatory third party liability insurance. Casco insurance consists of different types of cover, from which you can choose the coverage you want.

Compare car insurance policies Full Casco Full Casco Semi Casco Semi Casco Motor liability Motor liability
Included Included Included

All If vehicle insurance policies include the mandatory motor liability insurance. It covers:

  • personal injuries of all persons involved in the accident
  • damage to the other party’s vehicle and other property.

To cover damage to your own vehicle, you need a Casco insurance.

Included Included Included

If offers you anytime access to phone advice and support, if your car breaks down, if you are involved in an accident or you have any other concerns related to your car.

If can be contacted quickly online or by phone: 010 19 18 40. The call cost is charged at your phones standard call rate, and you'll be notified within 15 minutes of how we're going to resolve the situation.

At the same time we will check your insurance and tell what expenses it covers.

After providing you with advice and instructions, we then arrange for the professional help needed in your specific situation.

Included Included Not included

Our 24/7 towing and road service makes sure you can move on, if your trip is interrupted by an accident or a technical fault.

Our professional towing partners will take your car to reliable first-rate repair shop or they solve your problem on the spot.

When you order towing via If, we take care of towing bill and file claim on your behalf, and your deductible is 0 euros.  Otherwise deductible for towing is 50 euros.

We also cover extra expenses incurred by the interruption of your trip up to 500 euros. Travel expenses and hotel charges are examples of such costs.

Included Included Not included

We will cover your vehicle, if it gets stolen. You will also receive compensation if the paint of on your car gets scratched or for other malicious damage. We also cover fire damage caused by a fire or by thunder.

Your deductible is 200 euros.

Included Included Not included

Legal protection covers trial costs relating to the use of your car. The upper limit of the coverage is 10 000 euros, and your deductible is 20% of the cost, at least 200 euros.

We will also cover damage occurring outside the EU and EEA, such as in Green Card agreement countries, for which the driver of your vehicle is personally liable to third parties. The maximum amount of compensation for both personal and property damage is 250 000 euros, and your deductible is 500 euros.

Included Included Not included

Personal cover is a significant extension of the coverage provided by the mandatory motor liability insurance. All persons in the insured vehicle at any time are covered.

If a traffic accident leads to bodily injury or death, compensation for non-permanent damage will be paid up to 21 000 euros, depending on the seriousness of the injury.

Death cover relating to a traffic accident is 25 000 euros, payable to the deceased person’s estate.

There is no deductible, and the compensation does not decrease the bonus.

Included Included Not included

Pet coverage includes injuries to a dog or cat when they are a passengers in the vehicle.

The cover compensates treatment expenses up to 3 000 euro, if the pet has received an injury requiring medical treatment in a traffic accident.

The compensation for the death of a pet is up to 1 200 euro.

Included Included Not included

If you run into an elk, a deer, or any other animal with your vehicle, we cover the damage to your vehicle without any decrease of your bonus. You just pay a 200 euros deductible.

Included Not included Not included

We compensate for damage to your car caused by a collision of by you driving off the road. The collision cover also compensates for collisions in case the liability cannot be reliably established.

The collision cover also covers a wide variety of damage situations, such as a tree, a branch or snow falling on and damaging your vehicle.

Your preselected deductable reduces the compensation amount paid accordingly. A larger deductible reduces the cost of the Casco policy.

Claiming collision coverage will reduce the bonus level of the Casco insurance. Acts of are an exception; they do not reduce the bonus.

Included Not included Not included

We cover dents caused your parked car by an unknown motor vehicle without any bonus reduction. You just pay a 200 euros deductible.

If you damage your car yourself when parking, your damage will be covered by the collision cover.

Improve your Casco insurance coverage Full Casco Full Casco Semi Casco Semi Casco Motor liability Motor liability
Included Included Not included

The windscreen cover will compensate a broken windscreen without any bonus reduction. A repair does not affect the bonus, the deductible for a replacement is 200 euros.

You might want to consider the windscreen cover, damage to a window is the type of damage compensated most frequently at If. Repairing the windscreen costs 70 euros on average, replacing the windscreen 750 euros on average. Replacing a windscreen equipped with heating or rain sensors may cost more than 1 000 euros.

Included Not included Not included

Redemption coverage guarantees proper compensation if your car is beyond repair. You'll get a better lump sum for the car, even if its value has already decreased.

You will receive compensation equal to the cash selling price of a new similar car when the following conditions are met:

  • your car is no more than three years old, and it has been driven a maximum of 60 000 km
  • the estimated cost of repair exceeds 50% of the price of a new car
  • you are the first owner of the vehicle.

Otherwise, your compensation will be the cash selling price raised by 30%, when the repair cost estimate is more than 60% of the current price.

Compensation for a second-hand vehicle shall not exceed the selling price at the time of its purchase.

Included Not included Not included

Regardless of the damage, you always get a replacement car for the duration of the repair. If you need a car daily, the replacement car will ensure that you manage.

Choose the test winner as your car insurance

Competitive pricing, comprehensive Full Casco and maximum bonuses in just five years helped If reach the top spot in the comparison of car insurance providers by Kuluttaja magazine.

Studies have shown that If also offers the best customer experience in the insurance sector. In the case of car insurance, for example, this means high-quality services, excellent partners and speedy processing of claims.

In case of a loss

Smooth claims services

Select what happened

  • If you had a crash

    1. File a claim online Claim compensation easily and quickly when it suits you.
    2. Claims settlement decision In most cases, you will receive the claim decision in just a few minutes.
    3. Repairing the car Our recommended repair service provider will take care of your car.
  • Windscreen chip or crack

    1. Book an appointment Or take your car to If’s repair service partner. You do not need to file an insurance claim.
    2. Windscreen repair In most cases, a crack in the windscreen can be repaired and the windscreen does not need to be replaced.
    3. We will cover the repair without a deductible. If the windscreen needs to be replaced, you only pay the deductible.
  • If you need towing

    1. Order the towing online Find your location, and our towing service will call you in a few minutes.
    2. A tow truck will be dispatched to your location. We'll send you a link that lets you track the arrival of your tow truck.
    3. Your car will be towed to the nearest repair service provider. We will pay the towing costs directly to our partner, and you do not need to file a claim.

Is the cheapest car insurance good enough?

A cheap car insurance that provides little coverage may be costly in the long run, if it does not cover common types of damage that even careful drivers cannot always avoid. That’s why you should also look at the insurance coverage, the amount of deductible and the insurance company’s services and customer satisfaction. 

In general, third party liability insurance required by law is the cheapest possible car insurance. However, we recommend adding at least Semi Casco insurance, as third party liability insurance alone does not cover the most common types of loss and damage. These include windscreen damage, towing and collisions covered by Full Casco. 

Frequently asked questions about car insurance

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