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Car insurances in Finland consists of mandatory motor liability insurance policy and a voluntary casco insurance policy. You can select the semi casco or the comprehensive full casco policy, which is not only inexpensive now but also in the future.

  • The free-of-charge If Assistance service provides 24/7 on-the-road support. Included in all Casco policies.
  • If’s new Casco Insurance has Finland’s highest initial bonus – 80%.
  • You can pay for your policy in 1–12 instalments without additional costs.

What benefits does the car insurance provide? Full Casco Semi Casco Motor liability

We will pay for the repair costs of your car in case of a collision or an accident.


We will pay for the repair costs if your parked car has been hit by an unknown car.


We will tow your car to a repair shop and pay for the towing expenses if your car stops working on the road.

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We will help you 24/7 in all situations you might face on the road. (Telephone service and online service open 24/7).

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The driver and any passengers will get additional compensation in case of a road accident.

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We will pay treatment costs of a pet that was inside the car when a road accident took place.

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We will pay compensation if someone damages your car’s paintwork or steals it or if your car is damaged by fire.

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We will pay for the car repair costs in case of collision with an animal.

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We will pay for any injury or damage caused abroad to third parties or passengers in your car for which you are personally responsible.

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The Motor Liability Insurance covers personal injury of everyone involved in an accident, and damages to the adversary’s vehicle and other property.

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Additional cover Full Casco Semi Casco Motor liability

Windscreen cover
We will compensate for any chips and cracks on the windscreen and windows of the car.

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Replacement car service
You will get a replacement car for the duration of your vehicle’s repair work in all events of accident or loss.


Redemption cover
If your car is redeemed, we will raise the compensation to 30% above the market price or pay the price of a new car


Price of your car insurance

If will always give you a personal price for your car insurance based on your driving history. Annual mileage and the age of the driver also affect the price of casco policies.

When buying car insurance in Finland also compare the content of policies

Comparing the prices of car insurance policies is smart but the cheapest policy is rarely the most sensible choice. Special attention should also be paid to the content and coverage of the insurance.

Car insurance offer

If will give you a competitive price for your car insurance and getting an offer has been made as easy as possible. You can calculate the price of your car insurance by contacting our customer service.

  1. Instant 80% full bonus for full casco.The initial bonus of motor liability insurances is between 30% and 80%, depending on your claims history, and increases at the quickest pace in Finland. You will get the full 80% bonus if you have been driving for 5 years without incident. 
  2. The first claim will not decrease your bonus, if you have 80% bonus on your motor liability insurance. We think that it is fair to reward careful drivers who rarely have accidents.
  3. Same bonuses and benefits for all of your cars. You will receive the same bonuses and benefits for your secondary car as for your primary car.
  4. The price of your car insurance remains inexpensive. Instead of temporary car insurance offers, we trust in skillful assessment of risks which guarantees stable prices now and in the future. As a customer of If you are not paying for the discounts of others.
  5. Casco insurance puts you in the If Benefit Program. You will get a permanent 10–16% discount on insurance premiums.

Car insurance provides security and assistance on the road

  1. We will assist you 24/7 on the road. You will get immediate assistance if your engine stops, windscreen breaks, an indicator light comes on or you have an accident, and we will make sure that you can continue your journey.
  2. When an accident happens, the content of your insurance is what matters. A cheap limited insurance does not necessarily cover repair costs and sometimes not even towing to a repair shop.
  3. Supplement your insurance voluntary additional cover. For full casco, you can choose windscreen cover, redemption cover and replacement car service as additional cover. Semi casco can be supplemented with the windscreen cover.
  4. You can change and add cover to your policy by calling our customer service.

What you car insurance covers?

Motor liability insurance is a basic car insurance that is mandatory for all vehicles that are used in traffic. Casco insurance is a voluntary insurance and you can choose its scope of cover. Casco Insurance is often needed because many common accidents are caused by reasons other than negligence by the driver, such as a stone hitting the windscreen.

Full casco covers accidents and damage to the body of the car

The most extensive casco insurance provides your car with the coverage that you desire. It covers

  • collision with another vehicle, an obstacle or an animal;
  • damage to your car due to an accident or running off the road;
  • dents made to your parked car by an unknown vehicle and more.

We also compensate for damage caused by snow that has fallen from a roof, trees that have fallen onto a car, or a shower of hail. In addition, we cover towing of your car to the nearest repair shop after driving has discontinued, and your and your passengers' transportation to the destination.

You can add windscreen cover to Finland's most extensive semi casco

Semi casco is a great choice for a slightly older vehicle. The main difference between full casco and semi casco is that semi casco does not include collision cover, which covers damage caused by a collision or running off the road. You can supplement your semi casco with windscreen cover.
Under semi casco, you will be compensated for the following losses and damages:

  • your car is stolen;
  • your car is vandalised;
  • you collide with an animal;
  • your car is damaged by fire; and
  • towing and travel costs if your journey is interrupted due to a technical failure, for example.

Registration of a purchased vehicle

You can conveniently also register your car when you buy your insurance. After your purchase you will be directed to an online service for registration. For the registration you will need certificates that you have received from the vehicle's previous owner. The previous owner should also have made a transfer notification on the vehicle to Trafi.

Transferring your insurance to If is easy

Changing your insurance company is easy. We will take care of your insurance transfer without you having to cut through all that red tape or visit an inspection office. We will terminate your old insurance policy on your behalf and notify Trafi's vehicle register of the change of insurance company free of charge. Nothing prevents you from changing your insurance company, even in the middle of your insurance period.
Submitting a registration notification is always free if only the insurance company changes and there are no additional changes to the register information, such as change of keeper or owner.

Taxi insurance and other corporate vehicle insurance policies

If has suitable vehicle insurance policies for businesses, whether you are a taxi entrepreneur, owner of a larger transportation company or an occasional Uber driver. Our new prices are fair: the less you drive, the more you benefit!
Contact us when you have questions about business insurances.

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