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When you want to adjust your car insurance to match your needs and life situation, we are by your side.

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  • Price by mileage

    If you drive less, we factor that into the pricing of the car insurance.

  • Convenient monthly invoicing

    At If you can pay your premium in up to 12 instalments without incurring extra cost.

  • Full Casco with 80% starting bonus

    The best starting bonus in Finland makes our collision cover easy on the wallet.

If Car Insurance accommodates your needs

Our car insurance consists of motor liability insurance, that is mandatory in Finland, and an optional Casco insurance that provides protection for your car. 

Casco is also known as Casualty and Collision insurance, and Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. Choose the comprehensive Full Casco, or a more affordable Semi Casco, and also have a look at our flexible add-on coverage options.

Our smart pricing factors in your mileage

In our pricing we rely on skilful risk assessment, not on occasional discount campaigns. As a customer of If, you do not have to pay for the discounts of others.

Customers who drive less each year pay less for their car insurance policies than those driving more kilometres. The pricing difference is based on statistics that show those who drive less have also fewer accidents. In addition, the price is influenced by the features of your car and your age and home address.

Accident-free years of driving with If or with any other insurance company contribute towards your bonuses and they can lower the price considerably. At If, you will have the same bonuses and benefits for your second car, too.

  • The bonus for the motor liability insurance is typically 30–80%, depending on your insurance and accident history.
  • The bonus rises quickly: you will reach the maximum bonus after five accident-free years.
  • At that time you will also earn bonus cover, which means your first accident will not reduce your bonus.
  • Bonus for the collision cover of Full Casco is the maximum 80% right from the start.

Comparison of car insurance policies

Full Casco Semi Casco Motor liability
Included Included Included
Included Included Included
Included Included Not included
Included Included Not included
Included Included Not included
Included Included Not included
Included Included Not included
Included Included Not included
Included Not included Not included
Included Not included Not included
Optional additional covers Full Casco Semi Casco Motor liability
Included Included Not included
Included Not included Not included
Included Not included Not included

We always provide you with professional service

A cheap car insurance that provides little coverage may be expensive in the long run, if it does not cover the commonest types of damage that even careful drivers cannot always avoid. We at If want to provide all our customers with professional service regardless of the coverage of the insurance. This is why If Apu is included in every car insurance policy.

The mandatory motor liability insurance is the cheapest car insurance you get at If. We recommend that you complement it with at least an affordable Semi Casco, as the motor liability insurance does not cover e.g. towing costs or damage caused when the vehicle is parked.

The price difference between a Semi Casco and the mere motor liability insurance alone is often small, and with the initial 80% bonus we offer, the small price difference between a Full Casco and a Semi Casco may come as a surprise.

When comparing insurance policies, it pays to look at coverages, deductibles, and the speed and flexibility of services besides prices. In comparisons between insurance companies If has been the leader in, among others, customer satisfaction with compensation services.

As of the autumn of 2020 all our vehicle insurance customers have access to our advisory service If Apu ('If Help'), that earlier was for our Casco customers only.

If Apu is at your service 24/7, and as our vehicle insurance customer you can contact it us at any time you have a problem relating to your car. It might involve starting problems, or a warning light lighting up on the dashboard.

We solve the problem quickly and give you instructions on how to proceed. If need be, we give you the address to of a repair shop close by, send a tow truck and provide a ride to your destination. We give all If vehicle insurance customers advice and guidance, but whether we can compensate for damage depends on the contents of your insurance policy.

Up to 15% discount on policies through concentration

If you besides a Casco policy buy insurance for your home, you will earn 15% discount on all your policies.