Home insurance for a flat or a terraced house

When you want the best coverage for you home. Over 90% of the compensation claims we receive get approved.

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    If your phone breaks our comprehensive home insurances have you covered.

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Why home insurance from If?

Our home insurance is designed to take good care of your favourite place and belongings. We provide you with smooth service and quick compensation, and you can pay your premiums in up to 12 instalments.

If you live in a flat or terraced house, you only need insurance for movable property.

When living in a detached house, you will need insurance for the building in addition to a movable property insurance. Please ask about different options to insure your house from our customer service.

Keeps you safe at home, outside of home and on trips

The insurance covers a wide range of household items from household appliances to electronics, as well as the permanent fixtures in your home, such as kitchen cabinets or the bathroom sink.

Our home insurance always includes liability insurance and legal expenses insurance. These covers help in disputes and criminal cases or if you or your family members cause loss or damage to others.

Home insurance covers family members living in the same household and is also valid outside your home on journeys of up to one year, so you may not need a separate luggage insurance.

Your belongings are insured even during a move

The movables included in a home insurance policy are also insured during the move. So you don't have to worry if a moving crate accidentally falls out of your hands and the dishes break. Home insurance covers damages caused by such events.

If you have major covered damage at home and need to temporarily stay elsewhere, we will also reimburse costs incurred by that.

We insure your home movables at their full price, which means that you will not need to add up your total belongings when buying insurance. We also compensate for electric bicycles and other valuable items up to certain maximum compensation amounts, and, if you wish, we can also insure them at their full value.

Read more about insuring valuable items

Extensive home insurance covers phone breakdown

Loss or damage to a smartphone is the most commonly compensated damage covered under home insurance. If you have an Extensive home insurance policy, we will compensate loss or damage such as a broken screen, water damage or theft.

If you have an expensive smartphone or laptop, we highly recommend the ExtensivePlus home insurance. Under ExtensivePlus home insurance, the age of your phone does not affect the amount of compensation if the loss or damage occurs on the year of purchase or in the next year after that.

Choose your coverage

What does home insurance cover? ExtensivePlus Extensive Basic
Included Not included Not included
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Included Included Not included
Included Included Included
Included Included Included
Included Included Included
Included Included Included
Included Included Included
Included Included Included
Included Included Included

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Frequently asked questions about home insurance

Quick claims service without sudden price increases

When you take out a home insurance from If you can rest assured that the price of your insurance also remains low in the future. All of our offers are continuous, and the price of your insurance will not sky-rocket after the first year. Your premiums will not pay for offers used only to attract new customers because we rely on skilful risk assessment instead of temporary offers.

We can also promise you that our claims service runs like it should – quickly and effortlessly. Our customers can prove it, as 92% of them are satisfied or very satisfied with the processing of their claims.

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Up to 15% discount on policies through concentration

If you besides an insurance for your home buy a Casco policy for your car, you will earn 15% discount on all your policies.