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When you want the best coverage for you home. Over 90% of the compensation claims we receive get approved.

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Why our customers choose us

Why insure your home with If?

  • A broken phone is the most common type of damage

    Loss or damage to a phone is the most commonly compensated damage covered under home insurance. If you have an extensive home insurance policy, we will compensate loss or damage such as a broken screen, water damage or theft.

    If you have an expensive smartphone or laptop, we recommend our extensiveplus home insurance. Under extensiveplus home insurance, the age of your phone does not affect the amount of compensation if the loss or damage occurs during the first year of use or the following year.

  • Same monthly price as a streaming service

    Home insurance is an affordable insurance policy. You can pay your insurance bills in 1, 2, 4 or 12 instalments. You choose the number of instalments with no additional fees.

    If you have other insurance policies with If, you will receive all your policies on the same bill.

  • If Mobile and My Pages are available 24/7

    As a customer of If, you can take of all matters related to home insurance digitally. You can buy the insurance conveniently online, make changes to your insurance coverage, manage your insurance on My Pages (in Finnish) and submit claims online.

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What does home insurance cover?

Our home insurance is designed to take good care of your favourite place and belongings. We provide you with smooth service and quick compensation, and you can pay your premiums in up to 12 instalments. If you live in a flat or terraced house, you only need insurance for movable property.

Basic Basic Extensive Exten­sive Extensiveplus Exten­sive­plus
Included Included Included

Your movable property is always insured at If at full value. This means that the total value of your property is not estimated when buying the insurance, but only after the damage has occurred.

Maximum amounts of compensation are defined for some item groups, such as valuables and bicycles. On the extensiveplus level, the compensation for an individual item can be up to 17 000 euros. At the extensive and basic levels, the maximum compensation for a single item is 5 000 euros.

Damage to electric and normal bicycles is reimbursed up to 5 000 euros at the extensiveplus coverage level and up to 2 500 euros at other levels. A bicycle that is damaged during sports or exercise will not be reimbursed.

Please see the maximum amounts of compensation for other groups of items in the product guide and terms and conditions. If you have a bicycle or other property that is more valuable than normal, you can insure them separately by contacting our customer service.

Included Included Included

We will compensate for luggage loss and damage, such as theft and delay of luggage. Broken items are also covered by extensiveplus and extensive insurance policies.

Included Included Included

Liability insurance reimburses property damage and personal injuries caused to a person who is not a member of the insured person’s household, provided that the insured is legally liable for the damage. Typical liability losses include damage caused by children and while riding a bicycle. Liability losses are reimbursed to up to 200 000 euros.

If you want liability insurance to also cover damages for which you are not legally liable but in which you are involved or where the damage is caused by an item you own, please contact our customer service.

Legal expenses insurance reimburses attorney’s fees and legal expenses related to private civil and criminal cases to up to €10,000. Typical types of covered civil cases include disputes related to home and real estate transactions. The deductible for legal expenses cover is 20% of the costs and at least 170 euros.

Things don’t always go as planned, and you may lose a court case and be ordered to pay the legal expenses of the other party. After purchasing the insurance, you can extend your legal expenses insurance to also cover these costs on your My Pages.

Identity theft insurance assists you in the event that you are a victim of identity theft. The insurance reimburses legal costs related to investigating the theft up to 2 000 euros without a deductible. Identity theft cover is valid for a fixed term until 31 December 2024. Liability, legal expenses and identity theft insurance cover the policyholder and persons living permanently in the same household.

Included Included Included

We cover losses due to theft, vandalism, burglary or robbery at your home or outside it.


  • When you return home from a trip, you notice that your home has been broken into. The front door has been broken and some of your property taken. We will compensate for the stolen property.
  • You have left your bicycled locked at a railway station. When you return to the station your bicycle is gone. We will compensate the monetary value of the bicycle.
Included Included Included

We cover damage caused by fire, smoke, electrical phenomena (such as a short circuit) and natural perils such as floods and storms.

Home insurance covers damage to permanent fixtures, including floor surfaces, wallpaper, kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures. The real estate insurance of the housing company covers structural damage, such as drying of concrete floors.


  • Strong wind damages furniture on the balcony. We reimburse the value of the broken items.
  • Flood water enters the basement storage rooms and destroys your property. We reimburse the value of the property.
  • The dishwasher suddenly drains on the parquet floor. We reimburse the drying and the installation and materials for a new parquet. Extensive coverage also reimburses the repair and replacement of the dishwasher.
Included Included Included

If home insurance covers permanent fixtures of your home in covered events. Permanent fixtures include floor surfaces, wallpaper, kitchen cabinets and permanent bathroom fixtures, for example.

Example: Your dishwasher unexpectedly releases water onto your laminate kitchen floor. The insurance covers renovation of the laminate floor and kitchen cabinet framework. Repair or replacement of the broken dishwasher is covered as damage to movable property under extensive or extensiveplus home insurance (see Breakage, falls, dents and other unexpected damage). Repair or replacement of the dishwasher is not covered under Basic home insurance.

The real estate insurance of the housing company covers structural damage, such as drying of concrete floors.

The maximum compensation for permanent fixtures is 10 000 euros.

Included Included Included

If your home becomes uninhabitable due to a fire, water damage or other insured event and you need to temporarily live somewhere else, we will compensate up to 85 % of the costs accrued from temporary accommodation.

We can also provide help with finding temporary accommodation and your wishes on matters such as location and parking space are taken into account.

Example: A fractured pipe causes water damage to your floor and it needs to be replaced. You cannot live in your home during the two-week drying and renovation project. We will compensate 85 % of your additional acommodation costs until the renovation work is completed.

Temporary accommodation can be covered for up to 12 months. It is also possible to claim compensation for moving costs and costs from storage of movable property during renovation.

Not included Included Included

Home insurance covers movable property that breaks suddenly and unexpectedly in any situation.

There is no separate list of causes for covered losses. You will be compensated as long as the loss was sudden and unexpected. (The insurance does not cover wear and tear caused by regular use, slow corrosion or items broken on purpose, for example.)

Examples of covered losses:

  • Your mobile phone falls onto the pavement and the screen breaks
  • Your dishwasher or washing machine suddenly breaks
  • Your television falls over when you are hoovering
  • Your camera falls into water from a rowing boat
  • Smoke comes out of your laptop and it will not turn back on
Not included Not included Included

The age of items affects the amount of compensation in case of damage. In extensiveplus-level the affect is the smallest so you get bigger compensation. 

Normally the value of an item decreases every year after the purchase. For example in home appliances and bicycles the value decreases 9 %. glasses 15 % and mobile phones 25 % per year.

In extensiveplus-coverage you get an extra 1-3 years with no decrease in the value depending on the item.

Not included Not included Included

If your home insurance is in another company and you change to If's extensiveplus, we promise you get at least what your current home insurance would cover. We dare to promise this as the extensiveplus-coverage is so wide. This promise is valid for 2 years. 

Keeps you safe at home, outside of home and on trips

The insurance covers a wide range of household items from household appliances to electronics, as well as the permanent fixtures in your home, such as kitchen cabinets or the bathroom sink.

Our home insurance always includes liability insurance and legal expenses insurance. These covers help in disputes and criminal cases or if you or your family members cause loss or damage to others.

Home insurance covers family members living in the same household and is also valid outside your home on journeys of up to one year, so you may not need a separate luggage insurance.

In case of damages

Smooth claims services

  • What to do if your phone breaks

    Loss or damage to a phone is the most commonly compensated damage covered under home insurance. In most cases, a broken phone can be repaired, and the amount of compensation is always mainly based on the repair costs of the phone.

    1. Contact a phone repair service agent Find your nearest service agent from our map. You will receive a price estimate for the repairs.
    2. Repairing the phone The service agent will take care of the repairs.
    3. Claim compensation for the repair costs Claim compensation for repair costs that exceed your deductible.
  • What to do if your bike is stolen

    Bicycle theft is an unfortunately common type of loss, and even a good lock does not always give sufficient protection.

    1. Contact the police Report the crime to the police.
    2. File a claim for compensation You can conveniently file a claim directly in If Mobile, My Pages or by phone through our customer service.
    3. Processing the claim We will process your claim as soon as possible. If we need documents or receipts, we will ask for them during the processing.
    4. Claim settlement decision and payment You will receive our claim settlement decision in your My Pages, and the compensation will be paid quickly to the account of your choice.
  • What to do if you have caused damage to a third party’s property

    Home insurance’s liability cover reimburses damage caused to persons outside your household and their property.

    1. File a claim Tell us what happened and claim compensation for the damages.
    2. Processing the claim We will process your claim as soon as possible.
    3. Claims settlement decision You will receive a claim settlement decision on My Pages.

Your belongings are insured even during a move

The movables included in a home insurance policy are also insured during the move. So you don't have to worry if a moving crate accidentally falls out of your hands and the dishes break. Oue extensive home insurances cover damages caused by such events.

If you have major covered damage at home and need to temporarily stay elsewhere, we will also reimburse costs incurred by that.

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