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Home insurance is intended for your home and movable property. Home insurance for a flat covers property such as furniture, telephones, appliances and kitchen cabinets. It may also cover expenses from temporary accommodation and damages caused to others.
Home insurance for a terraced house covers in addition the building. Please ask about different options to insure you terraced house from our customer service

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What does a home insurance cover?

If home insurance covers

  • furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing and hobby equipment;
  • valuables, such as jewellery, paintings and instruments;
  • permanent fixtures, such as surface materials of a flat and cabinets;
  • home improvements, such as a renovated kitchen or sauna;
  • loss or damage caused by you or your family member to other people;
  • loss or damage to rented or leased movable property; and
  • costs from temporary accommodation needed due to a loss event, among other things.

Finland's best claims service without sudden price increases

When you take out a home insurance from If you can rest assured that the price of your insurance also remains low in the future. All of our offers are continuous, and the price of your insurance will not sky-rocket after the first year. Your premiums will not pay for offers used only to attract new customers because we rely on skilful risk assessment instead of temporary offers.

We can also promise you that our claims service runs like it should – quickly and effortlessly. Our customers can prove it, as 92% of them are satisfied or very satisfied with the processing of their claims.

Mobile phone and home insurance

Loss or damage to a mobile phone is the most commonly compensated damage covered under home insurance. If you have an Extensive home insurance policy, we will compensate loss or damage such as a broken screen, water damage or theft. For example, if you accidentally drop you phone on the ground and the screen breaks, the damage is covered under Extensive home insurance.

If you have new electronics, such as an expensive smartphone or laptop, we absolutely recommend the ExtensivePlus home insurance. Under ExtensivePlus home insurance the age of your phone does not affect the amount of compensation if the loss or damage occurs on the year of purchase or in the two subsequent years.

What does "home insurance with liability insurance" mean?

Liability insurance covers injury or damage you have caused to another person or another person’s property. For example, many lessors require tenants to take out a liability insurance in case the tenant causes damage to the property.

Liability insurance may also cover medical fees of another person and other loss or damage for which you or your family member is liable. If’s home insurance also includes a liability insurance. You home insurance policy’s level of cover only affects the cover of your property.

Moving and home insurance

Home insurance covers loss or damage caused when moving. All you have to remember to do is transfer the cover of your home insurance policy to your new address. You can do this in advance or right after you have moved. During the move, If’s home insurance covers both locations and loss or damage to the property being moved. All the best with your move!

How to buy a Home insurance? 

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