Health insurance

If health insurance ensures you and your employees have quick access to health care, treatment and surgery when needed. Contact us and get a quote on health insurance for companies and businesses in Finland.

Healthy and motivated personnel for a profitable company

Health insurance helps to maintain the well-being of your employees and shorten absence due to illness.

  • High-quality treatment

    Thanks to our extensive network of medical partners, you and your employees get quick access to high-quality treatment and care

  • Become an attractive employer

    Health insurance engages employees and improves the well-being of the work community, enhancing your brand among staff and prospects

  • Reduce financial costs

    Both the company and its employees benefit from shorter sick leaves as the health insurance ensures a quick pathway to medical care

Protect your most valuable asset

Take care of your employees, yourself, and your business with the help of health insurance.

Health insurance is a benefit valued by staff and job seekers. It provides security for both yourself and your employees.

With our health insurance, you can choose a policy plan that suits your company's health care needs. You might want to complement the statutory insurance protection of entrepreneurs and personnel or combine your health insurance with occupational health services.

With the health insurance, you will avoid long examination surgical operation queues and receive good care from our partners, such as Terveystalo, Mehiläinen, and Aava private healtcare clinics.

When insured, you and your employees

  • Receive high-quality medical treatment and care around the clock, during work and leisure time
  • Get access to a specialist even on the same day when necessary, and typically within less than 5 days
  • Can visit our extensive network of healthcare partners, and with the convenient direct invoicing, the visit will run smoothly
What is included in the health insurance?

Did you know this about health insurance?

Did you know that one day of sick leave costs approximately as much as one year of health insurance for one employee? Quick access to treatment prevents long-term sick leave, saves costs, and increases well-being at work.

Price of one day of sick leave: approximately € 400 (incl. sick pay, substitute arrangements, overtime and work slowdowns)

Price of health insurance for one person per year: approximately 350 €

Invest in the well-being of your company

Give yourself and your employees the financial security that health insurance provides

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