Liability insurance

Liability insurance is one of the most important insurances and essential for companies and self-employed entrepreneurs. It can be costly if you accidentally destroy something, or if your products or services cause damage. Let us help you find the right liability insurance for your business.

We take care of liability claims directed at your company

  • We pay compensation claims

    If you become liable for an accident or mistake.

  • We are by your side

    Our lawyers and attorneys step in and lead the case for you.

  • We meet industry requirements

    We know your industry and make sure you have the right insurance for the job you do.

Liability insurance is the financial backbone of the company

Imagine that you are manufacturing a product that causes damage or that you as an advisor or consultant advise your client into a situation that ends up being harmful. Situations may arise in your business operations where you are liable to compensate damages and it can be difficult to predict an accident or mistake.

With our liability insurance, we will help you investigate whether your company is liable for indemnification and negotiate with the injured party. If necessary, we pay the attorney and litigation costs to solve your claim. If you are found liable and have to pay compensation, the insurance will cover for the settlement costs.

Liability insurance is there for you, in case your company is liable for an accident, so that you don't have to worry about costly legal proceedings or damages.

Liability insurance - our lawyers are by your side

Your customers may require liability insurance

Your customers, or potential customers, can demand that your company has liability insurance. In certain industries, it is a great advantage to be able to prove that the company has liability insurance. The insurance creates security both for you and for the customer.

How the liability insurance protects you

What does liability insurance cost?

Our insurance advisors know your industry and make sure that your business is correctly insured. Start by filling out your business ID at the top of the page and we will contact you.

What kind of liability insurance coverage do I need?

Each business is different, but you want to make sure you're covered.

Liability insurance has become increasingly important and is today an essential part of company risk management. There are several types of liability insurance and what level of security you need depends on various factors. Which one to choose depends on whether you sell products or services, what industry you are in, and what claims may be placed against you. Perhaps you are a board member and need insurance to secure you in that role?

The insurable liability risks of a company can be roughly divided into three groups: damage caused by business operations (Operational Liability), damage caused by a product (Product Liability) and damage caused by the incorrectness of an expert's or consultant's assignment (Consultant's Liability).

Do you work as a consultant or advisor?

If you work in the role of a consultant or expert in various projects, it is of course possible to make incorrect assessments that are difficult to predict. This is why we have a coverage called professional liability insurance (consultant insurance) to protect against damage caused by the incorrectness of an expert's or consultant's assignment. The insurance applies if the business is held liable for a financial loss that a customer or third party has suffered.

Professional liability insurance in Finland

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