Vehicle insurance

Auto insurance for all kinds of company owned motor vehicles registered in Finland. To get a vehicle insurance quote, click below and fill in your details. We will get back to you and help you insure your company's vehicles.

Vehicle insurance for company-owned motor vehicles

Vehicle insurance covers both the driver and the vehicle. Every motor vehicle used in traffic must be insured with statutory motor liability insurance that covers any personal injuries and vehicle damage of any innocent party.

We insure all types of motor vehicles

If you are interested in these or any other insurance, contact us via customer service or request a quote.

• Passenger car
• Van
• Lorry
• Bus
• Trailer
• Taxi
• Delivery truck
• Tractor
• Snowmobile and ATV
• Motorcycles and mopeds
• RV or travel trailer, caravans and campervans

What is motor liability insurance?

Motor liability insurance is a mandatory insurance for all vehicles used in traffic.

Under the Finnish Motor Liability Insurance Act, all vehicles used in traffic must be 100% insured with a motor liability insurance. Without insurance, the vehicle cannot be registered, nor can it be inspectioned. Motor liability insurance compensates personal injuries caused by road accidents, and also the innocent party’s losses.

Complement the mandatory motor liability insurance with extra security

Most of our vehicle insurance customers choose to take extra security for their company owned vehicles by complementing the motor liability insurance with a comprehensive vehicle insurance. A comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is an optional vehicle insurance policy, especially good for new cars and when you want to protect your car against damage costs. We offer Super, Standard or Basic comprehensive car insurance policy to compensate for loss and damage to your company vehicles. A more comprehensive car insurance will help protect you against for example collisions, theft, fire and windshield damages.

Get a company vehicle insurance price

We provide the mandatory motor liability insurance and optional comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for your company’s cars, vans, lorries and any other type of vehicles. Fill in your details and we will contact you with a price. Get a company auto and vehicle insurance price

Good to know!

• When you buy a vehicle from a registered owner, you have 7 days to take a new motor liability insurance for it.

• If you don't buy the vehicle directly from a registered owner, the insurance must be taken out immediately.

• Please note that the insurance obligation starts at the time of purchase, and not from the time of taking over the vehicle. 

• You can get a vehicle insurance from us for any type of company vehicle, from taxi cars to vans and beyond. Fill in your details and we will contact you with a price. Get a vehicle insurance price

• We can also help you with the change of insurance provider and make sure you are correctly insured.

24h Roadside assistance included

As a vehicle insurance customer at If, you get 24/7 roadside assistance.

When insured with us, please get in touch no matter what the vehicle trouble. We will resolve the situation quickly and give you further instructions. If necessary, we will direct you to a car repair shop, or send a tow truck and arrange a ride to continue your journey.

We always help and guide, only the compensation depends on your insurance plan

We help and guide all If vehicle insurance customers. With us, you will receive immediate assistance for all vehicles, types, and models. The extent to which we can compensate you for damages depends on your chosen insurance plan's coverage, as per the insurance agreement.

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