Person and employee insurance

Your employees are your most important (but also most vulnerable) resource. Whether you need mandatory or voluntary insurance for your business in Finland, we'll help you with the right personal insurance for you and your employees.

Healthy and profitable company

  • Create a safe and attractive workplace
  • Financial security for you and your employees
  • Quick help with treatment if someone should become sick

Taking care of the people who work for you is an important and somewhat complex task. What happens in your employees' private life affects how they feel and perform at work. Creating a secure everyday life for your employees is a way to show that you care about them. As a reward, both the company and the employees will benefit from it, creating an attractive and prosperous workplace.

Other person insurances for employees and entrepreneurs

We also have some additional insurances you and your employees can benefit from.

• Remote workers' insurance
• Dental insurance
• Cancer insurance
• Individual Leisure Time Accident Insurance
• Group Leisure Time Accident Insurance 
• Entrepreneurs´Work Time Accident Insurance
• Entrepreneurs´Leisure Time Accident Insurance
• Personal Accident Insurance 
• Expatriate Insurance
• Voluntary Work Time Accident Insurance Abroad 
• Sports Insurance 
• Ship Staff´s Leisure Time Accident Insurance
• Ship Staff´s Supplementary Leisure Time Insurance

If you are interested in these insurances, contact us via customer service or request a quote.