Employee Pages

The Employee Pages is a digital service for you who have insurance via your employer.

  • Quick online access to service and help
  • See what insurance coverage you have
  • Check the status of your claims

If you cannot view your insurance, please turn to your employer. To add you to the insurance policy, they may need to contact us.

Online services for employees insured via their employer

Insurance coverage provided by the employer is a valuable benefit. On the Employee Pages, you can take care of your insurance matters digitally, at a time that suits you best.

More options

All your insurance policies conveniently online

Find everything you need to know about your insurance in one place.

Fast service, instructions, and help

The Employee Pages contain all the information you need regarding your insurance, 24/7. You can report an injury and get help booking for a smooth visit at the medical center, where you get treated by our partner free of charge (excluding possible deductible).

On the Employee Pages, you can, for example:

  • Check the insurance coverage available to you
  • Report damages and receive help in case of damages
  • Find out how to send us additional documentation and expense claims if needed