Employee Pages - insurance via your employer

Employee pages is a digital service for you who have insurance through your employer. When you log in to Employee pages, you see which insurances you have and how to use them.

  • Quick access to service and help
  • See the status of your claims
  • See both your private insurance and through work

A service for employees who have insurance through work

Getting insurance through an employer is a valuable benefit and something that is much appreciated by employees. Through our digital login service, employees can manage their insurance matters digitally, both their private insurances and the insurances they have through their employer. You simply log in with internet bank credentials and find all the necsessary information needed to use the insurance.

To log in for the first time, you need to get an activation link from your employer. If your employer has not received an activation email, they need to contact customer service at 010 19 15 00.

More options

All you need to know about your insurance

We have collected everything you need to know about your insurance in one place.

Quick help and service

In the Employee pages login platform, information about your insurance is available 24/7. You can report an injury and get help in where and how to seek treatment. At our partner health care centers you get the care free of charge (except for a possible deductible), when you show your Employee pages.

  • Get information on how to seek treatment
  • Report a claim and track the claim
  • Download a digital insurance card if you are traveling