Electric car insurance

Check the price of insurance for an all-electric car. Our motor vehicle insurance now meets the needs of electric car drivers better than ever.

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  • Car insurance designed for electric cars

    The insurance covers traction batteries and the charging cable just like any other car parts. Your home charging station is included in If's extensive home insurance.

  • At your service when electricity runs out

    You will enjoy 24/7 on-call advice provided by If, and Casco insurance will also replace towing to the nearest charging point.

  • Price by mileage

    You will also benefit from the other benefits of our motor vehicle insurance, such as flexible pricing and generous bonuses.

Modern motor vehicle insurance for electric car drivers

When you buy an electric car insurance, you get If's normal car insurance, which we have developed to better meet the wishes of all-electric car owners.

When you choose If's car insurance, you can be confident that it takes into account the needs of electric car drivers down to the details of the insurance terms and conditions. We are thoroughly familiar with the risks of electric cars, and we carefully select repair partners who understand the latest technology.

The price of electric car insurance is based on mileage

Our competitive pricing is based on in-depth analysis of the risks. Therefore, the price of insurance for an electric car depends on factors such as your age, place of residence, the car’s properties and the mileage you estimate on an annual basis.

We reward you with bonuses for your motor third party liability insurance that quickly accrue for years without accidents. Just five years without claims gives you a full 80% bonus and bonus cover. In addition, you will receive a full 80% bonus for the collision cover included in Casco insurance right from the start.

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High-quality and sustainable repairs

As a Nordic insurance company, If has a wealth of experience and researched knowledge on repairing electric car damages.

Repairing an electric car requires above-average expertise, which is why we require our repair partners to comply with the industry’s latest quality and occupational safety standards.

Our repair partners are also committed to the principles of sustainable development.

Instructions for cases of loss or damage

Your electric car deserves the most knowledgeable insurer

We have already insured over 100,000 electric cars in the Nordic countries over the last 15 years. That’s why we claim to know electric cars and the insurance they need better than many others. See below for answers to frequently asked questions.

  • If your electric car is already insured with us, the new features also apply to your current car insurance.
  • When you are considering replacing your car, take note of the registration number of the car on sale. From our online store, you can easily check the price of insurance in advance. Online store is only in Finnish and Swedish.
  • If you plan to insure a van or camper van, please refer to their specific insurance policies.

What does electric car insurance cover?

When you choose Full Casco, winner of the Kuluttaja magazine comparison, or the more affordable Semi Casco, you will join the If Benefit Programme. This will give you at least a 10% discount on the compulsory motor third party liability insurance.

Full Casco Semi Casco Motor liability
Included Included Included
Not included Not included Not included
Included Included Not included
Included Included Not included
Included Included Not included
Included Included Not included
Included Included Not included
Included Included Not included
Included Not included Not included
Included Not included Not included

You can supplement your insurance with additional covers

It is worth considering redemption cover for your electric car as additional financial security. If you drive a great deal, you could benefit from windscreen cover and our replacement car service.

Full Casco Semi Casco Motor liability
Included Included Not included
Included Not included Not included
Included Not included Not included

Up to 15% discount on policies through concentration

If you besides a Casco policy buy insurance for your home, you will earn 15% discount on all your policies.