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If eFolder is a simple and digital login service to handle your company's insurance matters and claims. Log in or request access and get started today!

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What is If eFolder?

eFolder is a free of charge digital login service where you can take care of your company's insurance and claims matters - safely and securely.

  • A convenient tool to handle your company's insurance business. In the eFolder, you can see your valid insurance policies, report changes in insurance requirements or report claims.

  • Log in smoothly and securely by identifying yourself with your personal bank codes. You can use the eFolder safely, as all information is transmitted via a secure connection.

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In case you are one of our My Pages pilot customers, you can log in here Log in to My Pages for Companies

My Pages for Employees

Insurances provided by the employer is considered a valued employee benefit amongst the employees.

Now employees with insurance through their employer can use our full digital service to access all their personal insurance information. My Pages for Employees give quick access to insurances provided by their employer. In the service you'll find insurance papers in digital form, instructions on where to seek help in case of an accident, and all things related to your claims in one digital solution.

If you log in for the first time, you need access to an activation link provided by your employer. If you are an employer looking for an activation link, please contact our customer service 010 19 15 00.

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