Corona and insurances

Are you going on a trip and wondering how corona affects travelling? 

Travel insurance and quarantine

Please note that quarantine coverage is no longer valid for trips starting on or after January 1, 2023.

Frequently asked: travel insurance and the coronavirus

Does my travel insurance cover

Personal insurance and the coronavirus - what is covered?

Sickness insurance
We cover expenses arising from falling ill with the coronavirus, such as doctor's fees, prescription medicine, and hospital care fees, as well as coronavirus testing when done via doctor's referral. You may receive compensation for expenses related to the test, if you have symptoms related to the coronavirus illness. Please check your insurance's deductible on My Pages or your insurance policy book.

We do not cover expenses arising from the following: 

  • coronavirus testing, if you are symptomless, or exposed and symptomless
  • antibody testing 
  • testing for corona before traveling
  • corona certificates

We do not cover expenses arising from quarantine. 

As our personal insurance customer, you have access to our If Health services, such as health guidance and remote doctor services. Remote doctor can also assist you with questions related to corona. 

Life insurance and the corona vaccine
The corona vaccination does not impact the compensation of life insurance.

Further information about coronavirus symptoms, falling ill with it, and staying protected can be found on THL's website