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We provide you with personal service every day! You can take care of your insurance and claims matters quickly and easily via chat or phone.

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Customer Service, insurance and claims

Call 010 19 19 19

Mon–Fri 8–20
Sat–Sun 10–16

You can also contact our chat robot Emma 24/7 via the chat windows

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Does If provide services in English?

We serve our English-speaking customers by phone at +358 10 19 19 19 (Mon–Fri from 8am to 8pm, Sat–Sun from 10am to 4pm). Choose "9".

You can also read about our insurance products in our English insurance guides and terms and conditions.

Where can I find the guides in English?

Where can I find the terms and conditions in English?

Are My Pages available in English?

Currently we only provide My Pages in Finnish or Swedish.

Can I get the insurance invoices and insurance policy in English?

We currently provide the insurance invoices and policies in Finnish and Swedish.

How can I make changes to my insurance?

You can change or terminate your insurance cover by calling our customer service tel: +358 10 19 19 19. Please note that only the policyholder can change or terminate an insurance.

When will I receive an invoice after taking out my first insurance from If?

You will receive your first invoice in approximately one week from taking out the insurance and one month before the due date. You will receive the next invoices according to your preferred invoicing schedule (1, 2, 4 or 12 invoices per year). Please note that the invoicing period, amount and due date of your first invoice may differ from future invoices depending on the start date of the insurance.

What if my insurance premium payment is late?

If your insurance premium payment is late, we will send you a payment reminder 14 days after the due date. You will always also receive a notice of the payment reminder. We will add a EUR 5 reminder fee to the overdue insurance premium. We will also charge a penal interest, which will be added to your next invoice.

It takes a few banking days for payments to be registered, so we may sometimes remind you of an unpaid invoice before your payment has been registered. If you have paid the invoice, the reminder is unfounded. You can call us to check your invoice status.

Where can I get more information on invoicing?

Our customer service +358 10 19 19 19 will be happy to assist you invoicing matters.

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