This is Sahar.

She is not only a Solution Developer.
She also makes bumpy roads a bit smoother.

In the Claims Services squad, where Sahar works as a Solution Developer, everything is about making the customer’s lives easier. And in the era of digitalization, this demands a lot when it comes to frontrunning tech and innovation.

“The diversity of technologies we use is impressive. I see myself as a technical explorer and at If I really got the opportunity to try out new platforms, coding languages and software development tools.”

Automation to lean on when bad luck strikes 

Sahar’s team develops and maintains solutions for claims reporting on If’s websites, making it possible for the customer to register an incident without a single phone call. The system itself registers the claim, checks that it’s liable and sends out e-mails and sms notifications – fully automated.

- It’s motivating to create innovative tech solutions that have an impact on people’s life, for real, Sahar says. Recently we launched a service to report vehicle claims in a chat bot, to make the customer journey even easier. It’s always a bit of a hassle when something happens to your car, even if it’s just a stone chip or a little scratch on the paint. Therefore, it feels so good to be able to offer our customers a really smooth way to handle the situation. When bad luck strikes, it should at least be easy to get back on track.

A curious mind in a generous work culture

When Sahar moved from Iran to Finland three years ago, she brought along a degree in software engineering and some years of work experience as a database developer. She decided to take the next step in her career and applied for If’s Nordic .Net trainee program.

- They made a system developer out of me in only three months, Sahar laughs. With help from my curious mind, and the generous and open work culture that we have here. You’re always encouraged to ask for help when needed, and I feel confident that my colleagues have my back. This is something that I really appreciate since I have experienced much more competitive workplaces previously in my career.

If’s Nordic/Baltic setup and international atmosphere has supported Sahar to settle into her new life in Turku.

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- Moving here wasn’t actually that difficult. People are very inclusive and welcoming. And since we work in mixed teams with people from all over the Nordics and Baltics we use English as our work language. Not being Finnish-speaking has never been an issue for me. The only thing that surprised me a bit is the weather, says Sahar, with a smile on her face.

Learning and development is part of the journey

The wide range of opportunities within If’s tech community is something that inspires Sahar when she thinks about her own development.

- Here are so many different paths to choose from, she says. You can develop mobile applications or join the cloud team and specialize in Azure. You can work as a developer, both backend and frontend, or with databases or DevOps. The many possibilities motivate me – I’m the kind of person that loves to just jump into something new. So, when I think about my future at If, I see myself moving from team to team, constantly learning new technologies and skills. It feels great to be in a company where I can thrive personally, and at the same time enable our customers to get the very best help, when they need it the most.

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