Shelley Gao-Kyllönen

Shelley Gao-Kyllönen
Tasks: Regional Manager, China, Business Area Industrial
Years in If: 5
Education: Bachelor in Arts (major in Business English)
Hobbies: Travelling. I like to experience different cultures and food
Place of residence: Espoo

Describe your job

I’m responsible for If's China network. One of my main tasks is to maintain and develop our partnership with our network partners in China. I’m also involved in all our big accounts and projects in China, coordinating among all the parties, improving the communication between our clients and local partners, as well as internal communications between all involved departments.

Why did you choose If?

I'm from China, and I used to work there in a local insurance company. When I moved to Finland, I wasn't sure if I still want to work in the insurance business. The Chinese insurance market was still very under developed at that time compared to the European market, and
the sales and client service job was really challenging.

However, I decided to try to apply for a job from If. I was lucky, and after 5 years I’m still so happy that I grabbed the opportunity. The insurance world here is quite different from the other side of the world.

What is the best part of If?

If is such a big company with presence in many countries, which gives its employees a lot of development opportunities. In my organization English is the common working language, which gives a foreigner like me very much flexibilities and opportunities. I feel very welcomed.

Have you been proud of If lately?

I’m always very proud of our company when I’m on business trips to China with our colleagues. There have been a couple of trips where our top management involved. They were very professional during the whole trip of course, but they were also all very humble to a very different culture. They also asked me for China culture education before their trips. I was surprised and impressed.

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